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Feb 4, 2005- Well it seems that this site is now finished, and the striking similarity between it and the main site is no coincidence. They share quite a bit of common code, although most of it has been customized specifically for this site. Any fun items will now appear on this site; the main one will be strictly business. So, I guess just enjoy your stay.
Posted by Kristofer Henriksson

Jan 22, 2005- If you're seeing this, you're one of the highly lucky individuals previewing the beta version of my own personal page. This will be the new location for all items that are not associated with programs or computers. Most of the links are broken, though, so don't worry if you try to go to something and it doesn't work. Also, this site may look a lot like the main site. This may or may not change; I haven't decided yet if it will.
Posted by Kristofer Henriksson

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